The History of OilReset

OilReset was founded in 2007 by Ronald Ramesh. OilReset has grown into a global company reaching every continent and over 182 countries. OilReset strives to be an industry leader in providing maintenance light reset information.

In the Quick Lube industry there is a huge opportunity to build trust with customers every time a customer enters the door. Millions of dollars are spent annually on marketing budgets to bring the customer into your site but very minimal amounts of money are invested in training employees to deliver the service customers are expecting. Many Quick Lubes make a big mistake by not properly resetting a customer's oil light after an oil change, even if the oil change was done properly. This leads to customers questioning the service they just received by asking questions like... "Was my oil really changed?" or "should I have taken my car back to the dealership?" and may even impact whether that customer returns back for their next service. Resetting oil lights should be easy but unfortunately it isn't, and that is because not everyone has quick and easy access to the information or the ability to keep up with every new vehicle year's changes.

OilReset is an informational site that provides technicians information on how to reset the oil light on all major manufacturers and models from the current year and going back to 1982. The database is user friendly and gives technicians who understand the basics of an automotive instrument panel and the basics of using a desktop computer the ability to perform the procedure. This website is a database of 32 manufacturers that are easy to reference and accessible to all Technicians for free globally. OilReset all produces a hardcopy manual that is updated annually. This manual has been designed to be used in service bays and is a necessity in any toolbox.

In the coming years OilReset will focus on bringing its database to smartphones and tablets via applications. If you have any ideas or suggestions to improve OilReset please contact us via the contact link.