1. Where can I purchase the reset tools?

For the time being, OilReset.com recommends using a search engine to find the available reset tools under the search “oil & maintenance light reset tool”. Please continue to check the Blog for reset tool reviews and links. If you require a non biased opinion on what tool you should purchase please email and we will provide a response within 8 hours. We have used all the reset tools available on the market.

2. What if the reset procedure does not work?

Always read the instructions before attempting the reset – more than 5 attempts is abnormal. In rare cases, the vehicle may need to be inspected by an accredited repair facility.

3. Do I need to be licensed to perform these procedures?

No, but technical knowledge of the vehicle you are servicing and basic automotive skills are required. OilReset.com is not liable for any damage that may result to your vehicle as a result of following a procedure.

4. Can I print the reset procedure(s)?

The reset procedures are provided free of charge for online viewing so long as the information is not printed, copied, or distributed in any form. For a printed copy of your specific reset please contact us directly.

5. My vehicle is not listed, what do I do?

Find a similar model or contact us directly for further help – please anticipate an email response within 8 hours.

6. How do I order a manual?

Please email us directly to arrange for payment and shipping. Bulk orders will receive a discount.