Visually Explain Services/Repairs with Real Time Photos/Videos

What is ClearMechanic?

✓ Smart phone based software allowing you to visually sell services or recommendations using real time photos/videos
✓ Industry best database of technician-approved, consumer-friendly illustrations to explain photos/videos

✓ Web based archiving of photos/videos allows for easy access now
and in the future via your own private dashboard
✓ Can also be integrated with your shop management system

How Does it Work?

✓ Take a photo/video in the app and submit (see a live demo in the video below)
✓ Photo/video can be sent via SMS(text messaging), email or viewed online instantly

✓ Photos/videos are archived and can be accessed during future services to make recommendations easier
✓ Photo/video database can be used for warranty purposes or to document issues such as safety issues
the customer has ignored

How will ClearMechanic help my service center?

1. Getting customers to say “yes” to service recommendations:

On average, only 30-50% of service recommendations are approved by customers. The top reasons for declining a service recommendation are trust and price.

Through detailed studies, ClearMechanic has documented a 20 to 40 percentage point increase in close rates at service centers using our program. This means when customers are shown photos or video clips of *their* defective vehicle parts, they trust the recommendation and are more willing to approve it. Seeing is believing.

2. Getting customers to say “yes” quickly:

Customers can take hours to approve repair jobs. They want time to ask the “car expert” in their family, to consult their spouses and perhaps call other shops.

ClearMechanic speeds up the approval process by presenting hard visual evidence to customers. This is undeniable proof that the job must be done. We also make it easy for customers to share photos and video clips with friends and family. In one case study, we documented a 75% reduction in wait time for customer approval – from an average of 2 hours to 30 minutes!

3. Other reasons service centers use ClearMechanic:

Service centers also use our technology for numerous other reasons:
- Communicating with warranty administrators to get repairs approved and justify reimbursement.
- Manage legal liability issues by proving that repairs were recommended and necessary.
- Solve customer retention problems by building trust and getting customers back for their next visit.
- Declined service marketing letters are dramatically improved by incorporating ClearMechanic’s photos, videos and diagrams into text-only letters.

Download the free Apple or Android app today and activate using the promo code "oilreset" beside your shop name. For further information on the ClearMechanic suite and program pricing please email [email protected].