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OilReset Makes The News

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NOLN September 2010

National Oil & Lube News Article

Since launching July 11, 2010 we have had great reception within the industry.  Major chains, small service bays, and DIY's across North America and the globe are using the free database to meet their unique OilReset needs.  Now, industry publication NOLN has placed us in their September issue and blogged about us.  All indicators that we are doing the right things to help improve service levels across the quick lube industry.   http://noln.blogspot.com/2010/08/oil-monitor-reset-site.html.

How To Reset The Service Light

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2010 Range Rover

Following the instructions

The best way to perform your oil light, service light or maintenance light reset is immediately after your oil change.  For the most part, no diagnostic tools are required (please refer to your specific make and model on the Home Page).  The important thing is to read the instructions a few times and try to visualize how you are going to follow the instructions.  The most frustrating thing will be attempting to do the reset while following the instructions - trust me.  If the reset does not work, read the instructions again and try to find where you may have had an issue.  In some cases, timing is critical in terms of turning the key on/off and what buttons to hold.  If you are still experiencing an issue - take a break or ask someone else to attempt it.  Good luck doing the OilReset!

Smart Fortwo

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2009 Smart

OilReset Procedure 2004-2010

Have you done an oil change on one of these vehicles as yet?  This is one of those vehicles that is very easy to service and a great opportunity for you to impress your customers with your service knowledge.

The recommended service interval on this vehicle is every 10000 miles/16 000 km.  The recommended oils for this vehicle must meet specification MB 229.5 (please refer to the list below).  The vehicle requires 3.3L of oil.

Mobil 1 Formula M 5W-40
Mobil 1 0W-40
Labco MB 229.5 5W-30
Total Quartz 229.5 5W-30
Elf Excellium 0W-30
Shell Helix Ultra AB 5W-30

If you are topping up the other fluids this vehicle requires:
Transmission: Castrol Manual BOT 328
Brake System: Dot 4+
Coolant: Anticorrosion/Antifreeze meeting MB 325.0 Specification

To perform the OilReset on the single/double wrench will require a bit of timing.  Please read the instructions prior to performing the OilReset:

1) Turn the ignition switch to on (do not start the engine).
2) Select maintenance indicator within 4 seconds by double tapping the instrument cluster button (to the left of the odomoter) and hold it down on the second press.
3) Continue to hold button and turn the ignition off.
4) Turn the ignition switch on (do not start the engine) and continue to hold the button for 10 seconds. The wrench symbol should begin to flash and eventually go out.
5) Turn the ignition off and then start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset.

89% of Current Model Year Vehicles

Automotive Comments Off on 89% of Current Model Year Vehicles

The number speaks for its self - 89%. This is the percentage of 2010 vehicles now equipped with a maintenance reminder. The most basic function this maintenance reminder serves is to remind the driver when to do an oil change. These systems have been in place since 1982 but it has only been until recently that they have been more widely accepted in the auto sector. Now I am finding more manufacturers are carrying this basic system while the companies like BMW are refining theirs. BMW's system can now tell you when you are due in for brakes, filter replacements, and other major fluid changes.

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