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How To Reset The Service Light

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2010 Range Rover

Following the instructions

The best way to perform your oil light, service light or maintenance light reset is immediately after your oil change.  For the most part, no diagnostic tools are required (please refer to your specific make and model on the Home Page).  The important thing is to read the instructions a few times and try to visualize how you are going to follow the instructions.  The most frustrating thing will be attempting to do the reset while following the instructions - trust me.  If the reset does not work, read the instructions again and try to find where you may have had an issue.  In some cases, timing is critical in terms of turning the key on/off and what buttons to hold.  If you are still experiencing an issue - take a break or ask someone else to attempt it.  Good luck doing the OilReset!

2 Responses to “How To Reset The Service Light”

  1. amjad Says:

    woh to switch off service required text after complete service

  2. Ron, OilReset Says:

    You have to be more specific about the type of vehicle (year, make, model) you are trying to reset.

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