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Driving Shoes

Although not oil resistant, wouldn’t a quick lube staff decked out in these shoes be pretty cool?  I’m sure you’ve seen these shoes on a race car pit crew if you’re looking that closely.  These shoes are from a company called Piloti which design and manufacturer shoes for racing. The neat thing about these shoes

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Smartphones & Fast Lubes

The launch of the iPhone 5 has me wondering what impact these devices have on the fast lube industry.  It’s clear that smart phones and the internet are ubiquitous and part of our daily routine but how have lubes embraced the technology?  On a smaller scale, innovative shops have incorporated w-fi into their waiting areas

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ADAS For Any Vehicle

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is becoming the norm for OEM vehicles.  Although you might not be familiar with the term ADAS you will be familiar with some of the technology that are in todays vehicles.  Blind spot warning which can be both a visual and audible warning is used to warn a driver that

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Friday Gadgets


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