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“Scanning a QR Code”

The launch of the iPhone 5 has me wondering what impact these devices have on the fast lube industry.  It’s clear that smart phones and the internet are ubiquitous and part of our daily routine but how have lubes embraced the technology?  On a smaller scale, innovative shops have incorporated w-fi into their waiting areas and may even have digital price boards.  Beyond this, I have not seen technology as being part of the customer experience.

I am beginning to see QR codes (quick response) being a constant in print but also seeing tech savvy retailers embrace the technology to give smartphone users a little more for using the technology.  In the background, the Retailer is able to collect further data on each customer and potentially tailor campaigns specifically to them.  In the fast lube world, this could be as simple as a free air freshener for each customer who scans the QR code when in your shop.

As technology advances, I strongly believe that shops need to embrace and interact with the technology to not only build their business but to provide customers what they expect – a place for them to use the their gadget.

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