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ADAS For Any Vehicle

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Image Courtesy of Mobileye

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) is becoming the norm for OEM vehicles.  Although you might not be familiar with the term ADAS you will be familiar with some of the technology that are in todays vehicles.  Blind spot warning which can be both a visual and audible warning is used to warn a driver that a vehicle is in the blind spot and a lane change is not possible.  Rear detection sensors that can alert the driver to the presence of an object or person behind a vehicle is another common ADAS.  You don't need to own a new vehicle to take advantage of some of these features because companies like Mobileye are introducing products for the aftermarket.

The Mobileye is basically a camera that is mounted to the windshield that can send information to a display to warn the driver of a number of different things.  It uses and processes the inputs from the camera, measures the driving distance and calculates the time of probable collision with other vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles and pedestrians.  Mobileye provides real-time alerts to the drivers in case of imminent danger of collision, enabling them to react.

Mobileye also makes the claim that it can help make you a better driver by providing you with information that you might not be typically paying attention to.  Imagine if all vehicles were equipped with this technology - I am sure the roads would have safer drivers!


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