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Honda Civic Oil Light Reset – 2012

The maintenance light reset on the gasoline Civic is similar to previous years (will discuss the hybrid model in the next post).  After the oil change is performed the Oil Life Indicator % can be reset by doing the following:

1) Turn the ignition switch to position II (do not start the engine).

2) Press the (SEL/RESET) knob repeatedly until the Oil Life Indicator % is shown.

3) Press and hold the (SEL/RESET) knob for 10 seconds or more.  The oil life % and the maintenance codes begin to blink.  Release (SEL/RESET).

4) Press and hold the (SEL/RESET) knob for 5 seconds or more.  The maintenance codes will disappear and the display will show 100%.

5) Turn the vehicle off.

Some models might be equipped with a multi information display (MID) in which case the following procedure should be followed:

1) Turn the ignition switch to position II (do not start the engine).

2) Bring up the Vehicle Menu screen by pressing Menu located on the left side of steering wheel.

3) Select Vehicle Information with the (+) button followed by pressing the Source button.

4) Press the Source button again to go to the Maintenance Info screen.

5) Press the Source button to display the Oil Life % Indicator.

6) Select Yes with the (-) button then press the Source button.  The indicator will reset to 100%

7) Turn the vehicle off.

The maintenance system on the Civic is comprehensive and will display the following codes when specific services are required: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, B.  These codes should not be ignored and are a reminder to the driver of services that are due.  These codes do not measure the quality of the system being serviced (for example the quality of the air filter) rather they are time based.  However the Oil Life Indicator system utilizes algorithms such as distance driven and engine temperatures to calculate when the oil will need to be changed.  It’s very clear that this system should not be ignored and the service centre and driver need to be aware of what maintenance is required based on the code being indicated.

0 thoughts on “Honda Civic Oil Light Reset – 2012”

    1. Hi Tony, that is a good question. The code for the air filter element is the number 2; so if this shows up on in the reminder window it can be reset. However, it cannot be reset if it is not present in the reminder window. I hope this makes sense.

  1. Is anybody else with the MID system having problems with their reset? When I follow the directions (not rocket science) and it displays “maintainence system has been reset”, it still displays either an “A” or “B1” or some combination of A, B, 1, and 2. From what the techs in two different Honda service shops have observed on used cars, this isn’t that uncommon. They’re tryng to convince me this is normal, and I am not buying it. Any opinion?

    1. Hi Susan,

      We have looked into this and you are correct that this should not happen when performing the reset. We will continue to look into this to see if there is a reasonable explanation.

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