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2012 Honda CR-V Maintenance Light Reset & Fluids

Image Courtesy of Honda

The reset procedure for the oil life index remains the same in 2012.  After changing the oil and filter the index can be reset to 100% by doing the following:

1. Turn the ignition switch to ON (one click before starting the engine)

2. Display the engine oil life % by repeatedly pressing the (SEL/RESET) knob

3. Press and hold the knob for ten seconds or more – the oil life index and the maintenance item codes begin to blink

4. Press the knob for five seconds or more until the index resets to 100%

Vehicles equipped with the multi information display will have to use the SOURCE and MENU buttons to complete the reset (details have been omitted from this post but you can email for the directions).When topping up the fluids on this vehicle it may help to know what Honda is recommending:

Engine Oil – 0W20 is recommended for year round use

Coolant – Honda Long Life Coolant/Anti-freeze Type 2

Automatic Transmission – Honda ATF DW-1

Brake Fluid – Honda Heavy Duty Dot 3

Differential – Honda Dual Pump Fluid II

With this information you should be well equipped to service the 2012 Honda CR-V and perform the maintenance light reset.

0 thoughts on “2012 Honda CR-V Maintenance Light Reset & Fluids”

  1. To Whom it may concern!
    I own a 2012 CR-V (LX) with the multi info display. I would like instructions on how to set the source and menu button to complete the reset after an oil change!!
    Thank You!!
    Ruben Acevedo

  2. I can not seem to get my 2009 crv to reset, no matter what I do it allways goes back to the little wrench ?
    Suggesions please —

  3. My mechanic did not reset my oil life indicator on my 2008 CRV the last time I changed my oil. The indicator now blinks my mileage since the oil life reached 0%. I can’t even get to the engine oil life indicator anymore. How would I correct this?

  4. Well that has answered the question I had about the set/reset buttons so maybe you can help with the following problem. I have a one week old Honda CRV 2013 purchased in Perth Australia. The most frustrating thing is the fact that the Bluetooth voice tag system is not working as it should.
    Quite simply the ‘Voice Tag’ system is not working because when I am asked if I want a voice tag, and I say yes, the system then says “press the ‘talk’ button and wait for the beep” well there is no ‘talk’ button on my car just a phone button and a end call button.
    Now what is happening is that I am extremely frustrated about is that I can’t get any satisfaction from the main Honda website, as they simply say refer to the dealer service and I have tried that and got nowhere.
    It does appear that having now purchased the car I have been ‘cut loose’ to just get more and more annoyed because maybe Honda know there is a problem and it will not go away.
    In desperation I turned to Google and there is a guy in America named Jason Honda Pro who has been more helpful than Honda Australia, and he even prepared a personal video for me showing me how to edit speed dials. However he could not advise me about the talk button except to say that the American version does have such a button fitted to the steering wheel.
    Meanwhile I am still waiting for an answer from Honda Australia and my next move will be to ask a motoring correspondent for advice.
    I would be much obliged if you can advise me.

  5. Hi Leonard,

    I can confirm the North American Honda CR-V does have the “Talk” button which gives the driver access to voice commands. With this said, the Australian CR-V as you pointed out and I have seen does not have this button. The talk button is designed to give hands free operation of buttons that are not accessible while driving to comply to North American standards. In Australia, can you access all functions of the navigation while driving? If so, this leads me to believe that the talk button may not be required on your model which serves as a link to features not accessible while driving in North America.

    We can only imagine how frustrating this is for you but we’re curious to hear back from you.

  6. Since leaving my earlier question about CRV voice actuation, I have now been informed by Honda Australia in Melbourne that Honda have not, and at the present time will not install the voice actuation mode on the CRV or any other Honda Car. No explanation given and quite frankly I don’t think the head honchos even know them selves. Not a good move re sales in my opinion as although I can live without it many sales people would think twice before buying a Honda if they need hands free operation of their telephone. One will have to break the law and endanger life if a person tries to select either a speed dial or any other number whilst driving the car. OK for a passenger to do it though. One day Honda will move with the times and catch up with their competition.

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