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Consumer Poll on Fuel Prices & New Vehicle Purchase

I just read an interesting article on the AskPatty.com blog regarding a Kelley Blue Book consumer poll on fuel economy.  The premise of the poll was to gauge what impact the rising cost of motor fuels had on a consumer’s intent to purchase a new vehicle.  The poll also went on to ask consumers what types of alternative fuels they would consider when purchasing a new vehicle.

When it comes to a new vehicle purchase it’s very clear that based on this poll over 50% of consumers would consider a more fuel efficent vehicle on their next purchase!  While the remaining 50% are a mix of potential hybrid purchasers, those who are impartial to fuel prices or waiting for fuel prices to decrease.  The latter being out of the question as far as I am concerned.  The poll digs a bit deeper and asks those alternative fuel purchasers what types of fuel power would they consider and its quite a mixed bag of results.  The leaders in this poll are natural gas (23%) and hydrogen (14%) with electric garnering a mere 9% of confidence.  Mixed in with these alternate power sources are solar, ethanol, biodiesel, propane and some form of hybrid/hybrid plug-in.  I did find it interesting that low sulphur diesel did not make the list as an alternative fuel vehicle (or was not considered).

Based on this web poll conducted by Kelly Blue Book this year it’s clear that consumers who are looking to purchase are conscious of the cost of fuel but are unclear as to what the best alternative fuel choice is.  To me, this means that consumers are still very confident in gasoline and want manufacturers to continue to produce highly efficient gas engines – for now.

Image Courtesy of Kelley Blue Book

As of this posting, the most readily available alternative fuel vehicle is the gasoline/electric hybrid with electric just starting to make its way into the mainstream consumer market.

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