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About 8 months ago I came across a software called ClearMechanic (CM).  The software utilized smart phone technology to allow a technician to visually recommend a repair.  Here is how it would work: while doing an oil change the technician notices a leaking transmission gasket, he takes a picture with his iPhone or Android using the CM app, associates the picture with a description of the issue, presses send and the picture is emailed to the customer and stored on the technician’s company website for viewing.  The idea is simple – the customer will now have a visual of what the issue is and will be able to make a decision on whether to perform the service or not.  If the customer wants a second opinion they can email it to a family member anywhere in the world for their opinion!

The impact to any repair shop is the ability to build further trust with customers but to also close more sales.  Even better, the software can integrate into any shop management system or customer relationship management system so following up with the customer down the road becomes even easier.  You could now remind a customer about the service they passed up last time with the picture that was taken.

Overall, it is an exciting piece of software that is only starting to gain traction out of the dealership world.  I will be providing continued updates on CM and will be happy to answer any questions you may have.  Take a look at this YouTube video showing the software in action when trying to visually recommend an air filter.

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