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Using Smartphone Technology to Build Trust

Technology is all around us and it has become a part of us.  It makes the world more transparent whether  we like it or not.  In an instant I can look up a  car wash in my area and find out what others are saying about it.  No need to even go there myself to pass judgement.  Interestingly enough, we rely on other consumers for their opinions to help form our own decision.  The more information and transparency a business can provide means the easier the decision will be for the customer when looking for or purchasing a service.


Automotive recommendations coming from a service advisor aren’t always received with transparency since the customer may not know why their tie rod end needs replacement.  Here comes ClearMechanic to the rescue.  This is a smart phone based application that helps to visually sell service recommendations.  Think about instantly showing the customer what the issue is even if they are 50km away in their office.  ClearMechanic not only provides the ability to do this utilizing media we are all familiar with (text messaging, video messaging and email messaging) but it couples service recommendation photos with illustrations and explanations on the purpose of the part in question.  You have just built a connection with the customer based on information they will understand and transparency in what you are recommending.  It also helps that ClearMechanic has a higher than industry average recommendation approval rating.

It amazes me that this type of technology is not being utilized in every service bay.  Here is the opportunity to use the smart phone you have in your pocket to build trust and improve recommendation approvals with your customers with every single car.  OilReset has partnered with ClearMechanic to demonstrate to you that this technology works and is a necessity in every service bay just like OilReset has become.  Send us an email with your questions and we will be happy to assist.  [email protected]

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