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Diagnostic Trouble Codes Easy Lookup

This is a app introduced by Mac Tools to help organize over 5000 diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) in one place – your smartphone.  Typically, anyone who is diagnosing a DTC will have access to a definition table but what if you are a customer who was told the code by a servicing shop for a repair.  As a customer you could quickly look up the definition of the code and corroborate the need for the repair.

Although Mac Tools has not reinvented the wheel here they have in fact utilized a technology that makes it easier for someone to access this information.  They have hinted at the possibility of expanding this app to coincide with your smartphone diagnosing the DTC – this would be reinventing the wheel.

Overall, visually simple and easy to use app that may help consumers better understand DTC codes.  Not sure if shops will need this information since the scanner they are using will have this information already.



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