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I use my smart phone, laptop, tablet  and desktop on a daily basis.  All 4 devices have become a part of how I interact with the world on a daily basis.  Each device has its own purpose for me but one thing all 4 devices share in common is the internet.  I use all these devices to access the internet and search for something as simple as a gift, research an article, find a product and the list goes on.  The most frustrating thing for me when  I find what I am looking for is to find a website that does not provide everything I need to make or form a decision.  Here’s a great example, I am looking to perform a 15 000KM service for my vehicle and decided to look at different automotive repair facilities online to get an idea of what the service would cost.  For the most part, many of the websites I visited had basic information on the company (about, services, location, contact) but they all lacked a greater in depth information on what services they performed and the prices.

It is no longer a want but a need to have a web presence.  However, having a website is no longer good enough.  As a consumer, I need you to provide transparency and list your services and prices so I have an understanding of what I may expect to pay.  Avlack of this information may mean that I will continue to search until I find a website that provides this level of transparency.

My recommendation to shops is to take a look at your competitors website and see what you can do that will make yours better.  More importantly, can  you list the prices of your basic services and your labour rate?  The more information you can provide to your customer “surfing” the web the more likely you are to obtain a new customer.

In the end, I chose to go to a shop I used in the past for my 15,000KM service because the websites I visited did not provide the information I was looking for.

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