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2013 Mercedes ML Maintenance Light Reset & Service

The newer ML models have an updated steering wheel with directional arrows on the left and hands free buttons on the right. To perform this reset you will need to use the steering wheel controls.  Please follow these steps:

Steering Wheel Functions You Need to Use

To perform this reset you will need to use the steering wheel controls.  Please follow these steps:

1) Close the hood, trunk and all doors.

2) Turn the ignition on (do not start the engine).

3) Press the  (system selection button) repeatedly until the “trip” is highlighted in the instrument cluster.

4) i) Press and hold the  (accept/end call button) and

ii) Within 1 second press and hold the OK button

5) Select the “ASSYST PLUS” menu using the  (scroll forward/back button) and select using the OK.

6) Press the  repeatedly  until “Full service” is highlighted and select using OK.

7) Press the  repeatedly until “Confirm serv” is highlighted and select using OK.

8) Press the ↓ for the oil specification used “Oil qual. 229.3 or Oil qual. 229.5” and select using OK.

9) Press the  to select “Yes” and select using OK.

10) Press the  to select “Confirmation” and select using OK.

11) Press the OK button and press the  (back button) until the instrument cluster shows the kilometer/mileage counter.

12) Turn the ignition off.  Start the engine to verify the reset is complete.

The engine oil specifications for this model will vary depending on the engine.  To make things easier, you can reference this chart and also visit the Mercedes specifications website to find out what specific oil will need to be used based on the Mercedes approval code (229.3, 229.5…).

2013 ML Oil Specs

At the time of this publication the majority of parts for the 2013 gasoline engines can only be ordered through the Mercedes parts department.  However, here is a filter chart using Purolator oil filters that can be cross referenced.


ML 350 BlueTec

ML 350 (Gas)

ML 550 (Gas)

ML 63 AMG (Gas)

Oil Filter


Mercedes Part

Mercedes Part

Mercedes Part

Air Filter



Mercedes Part

Mercedes Part

Cabin Filter



Mercedes Part

Mercedes Part



0 thoughts on “2013 Mercedes ML Maintenance Light Reset & Service”

  1. I followed the instruction for my 2013 ML350 up to step 4, but nothing came up. Hold the two buttons for more than a minute. Anyone has tried it on 2013 model?

  2. Hi Kevin, we can confirm it works on a 2013 but it’s all in the timing. When you got to step 4 was the current mileage showing in the instrument cluster? Were all windows, doors, hood and trunk closed?

  3. I tried to reset the service light and got up to step 4 and nothing happen , when i pressed ok button the regular miles came up i tried over and over and still nothing. I am at a lost with this issue . I really think that mercedes reset system sucks, to long, and complicated .

  4. I, too was frustrated, but just got lucky & figured it out. Instead of turning the ignition to the “on” position, I turn it just to the first position, and then the instructions that were posted worked perfectly. Thank you to the “Oil Reset Team”. I appreciate it:)

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