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Scrubblade – A Better Wiper Blade

Over the past few months I have had the opportunity to connect with the founder of Scrubblade, Billy Westbrook, and his innovative scrubbing wiper blade. The unique part about this wiper blade is it goes beyond helping to improve driver visibility during precipitation because it also helps to improve driver visibility through debris. To put it in perspective – bird droppings and bug splatter on a windshield are usually next to impossible to remove by using normal wiper blades. Scrubblade’s patented, “scrubber” technology utilizes hundreds of tiny triangular “scrubbers” on the leading edge of the two outer blades. The scrubber blade pierces debris as it passes through and widens to the base, literally “scrubbing” your windshield clean. The second “smooth blade” squeegees away any remaining debris or water left behind. It’s pretty neat to see this wiper blade in action.

The Scrubblade is gaining recognition pretty quickly for its innovative technology. In late 2011 the product received the Popular Mechanics Editor’s Choice Award for its outstanding achievement in new product design, functionality, simplicity and innovation edging out the likes of industry wiper giants Bosch, Rain-X, Trico and PEAK. This is an extraordinary feat considering Scrubblade has only been on the market since 2006 and even more amazing when this was done by one man. As Billy puts it “I thought of Scrubblade out of necessity” while he was driving down the highway in 2002. He took note of the bug splatter on the windshield and how it affected his field of vision since his conventional wipers could not clean them off properly – the idea was born. It was not until 2005 that Billy perfected the blade and later brought it to market in 2006. It has been an uphill climb building a company and fending off imitations while staying focused on his family life but Scrubblade continues to grow and its only a matter of time before they take their place among the industry giants.

This product receives a recommendation from OilReset as a must have product to enhance driver visibility and safety. Not only does it meet the basic requirements of a conventional wiper blade but it can further enhance the safety of the driver by removing hardened debris. For further information on Scubblade and where to purchase you can visit http://scrubblade.com.

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