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OpenTable for Auto Repairs

"Booking services becomes easier"

Are you familiar with OpenTable?  If not, it allows restaurant patrons to make reservations online via any internet enabled device (i.e. computer, phone) without having to wait in a line or call to book a reservation.  It’s an interesting tool because restaurants who are not using the service maybe missing out on opportunities to fill tables, compete on a level playing field but also more importantly engage the “Facebook generation”.

The guys at ClearMechanic took note of OpenTable and have brought the concept to the automotive repair industry.  What does this mean?  Well, from a consumer standpoint think about what it’s like to book a service appointment after hours.  It can’t be done.  There are web based booking tools that dealerships offer but they are just not up to the standard that ClearMechanic’s booking tool is which takes a fraction of the time to schedule an appointment.  From the repair shop perspective, it’s a win-win.  The fact that customers can book a service appointment without calling means less time on the phone and more interaction with customers.

This is some really cool technology that Brad Simmons, CEO of ClearMechanic and team are introducing and like OpenTable repair shops should take note if they want the business of the younger, tach savvy generation.





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