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3000mi Oil Change Intervals – Obsolete?

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One of the key fundamentals in the quick lube industry is the 3000 mi/5000km oil change interval.  This interval has been a long standing recommendation by car enthusiasts, mechanics, lubricant companies, and has been passed on for generations.  However, this recommendation has been squashed by Jiffy Lube when on June 14 they announced they are abandoning this recommendation and advising consumers to follow the manufacturer recommendation.  This means that quick lubes will continue to see the trend of customers only returning for service when their oil change reminder light comes on. 

One of the key concerns around waiting for the oil change reminder light is the fact that most conventional oil filters are not designed for longer drain intervals.  This could result in premature engine wear and decreased fuel efficiency due to a harder working oil pump.  The message to consumers is simple, follow your manufacturer recommendation but pay close attention to the quality of oil filter you are using and request the best quality possible.  This may mean quick lubes having to stock premium filters for common applications to give the customer the option.

 It’s clear that extended drain intervals are here to stay but are filter manufacturers and consumers ready for the change?

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