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2000 PONTIAC Grand AM Oil Change Light Reset Instructions

2000 Pontiac Grand Am
2000 Pontiac Grand Am

The 2000 Pontiac Grand AM oil change light comes on when the vehicle is due or past due for an oil change service. This is not based on mileage, but on engine revolutions and engine operating temperature. When the computer has calculated that the oil needs changing, the GM Oil Life System will indicate that a change is necessary.

The mileage between oil and filter changes will vary depending on how you drive your vehicle — usually between 3,000 miles (5 000 km) and 7,500 miles (12 500 km) since your last oil and filter change. Under severe conditions, the system may come on before 3,000 miles (5 000 km).

Never drive your vehicle more than 7,500 miles (12 500 km) or 12 months (whichever occurs first) without an oil change. The system won’t detect dust in the oil. So, if you drive in a dusty area, be sure to change your oil and filter every 3,000 miles (5 000 km) or sooner. To reset the 2000 Pontiac Grand AM oil change light, please follow these instructions:

Oil Change Light Reset Instructions

1. Turn the ignition to run (one position before starting the engine).

2. Press the RESET button (in fuse panel block inside driver side door)and release. The CHANGE OIL indicator will start flashing.

3. Press and hold the RESET button until an audible chime is heard, and then release.

4. Turn the ignition off and then start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset.

Filter Specification

The oil change on this vehicle is fairly straightforward with the oil pan and oil filter fairly accessible. The following Wix filters are used on this vehicle:

Filter TypePart # (2.4L)Part # (3.4L)
Oil Filter5104251040
Air Filter4603546035
*Verify Before Servicing Vehicle

Oil Specification

The oil specs for this vehicle have been taken directly from the owner’s manual. More details around oil, torque, tires, and specifications can be referenced in the owner’s manual.

EngineOil TypeQuantity w/Oil Filter
2.4LSAE 5W-304.0 quarts (3.8L)
3.4LSAE 5W-304.5 quarts (4.3L)
*Verify Before Servicing Vehicle

Service Guide

We have put together a detailed service guide on this vehicle that includes info on resetting the oil light, resetting the TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system), replacing the air filter, replacing wiper blades, and fluid specifications and capacities. You can purchase this PDF guide through the OilReset store:

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