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No Oil Changes for i-MiEV

Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle (i-MiEV) made its North American debut in late 2011.  This electrically operated vehicle boasts a driving range of 155km on a full charge and uses no fuel or engine oil.  Yes, no engine oil.  If this is the future trend of vehicles then this means there will be no need for this vehicle to be serviced at a fast lube – for an oil change.  This vehicle will never require an oil change, oil filter or even an air filter.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom – there still lies the opportunity to check tire pressures, replace a cabin filter, top up washer fluid,brake fluid, coolant and do a transmission fluid change.  Education will be key for customers who purchase these types of vehicles that periodic inspections are still required to ensure the vehicle is up to standard.  It’s not unimaginable to think that a i-MiEV vehicle owner may believe they only need their vehicle serviced every 6 months based on their owners manual.  However, real world driving conditions will require any vehicle to be inspected at least every 3 months to ensure vital fluids and tire pressures are adequate.

It’s still quite some time before electric vehicles become the norm but it’s also important to realize that this is one less vehicle visiting your service bays for an oil filter change.

Written by Ronald Rameshnauth

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