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Proposed Change to New Car Fuel Economy Labels

If you’ve ever been shopping for a new vehicle you’ve probably seen a sticker in the window with the fuel economy rating of the vehicle. Well, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is proposing a change to this rating system.

To reflect consumers’ needs to purchase vehicles with lower emissions and better fuel economy, the proposal at this point has two options, one of which will be selected based on US resident feedback:

Proposal 1) A letter grade from A+ to D for combined fuel economy and tailpipe emission efficiency

Proposal 2) A MPG rating with tailpipe emission efficiency and comparison to other vehicles on a sliding scale

This proposed new system is clearly a reflection of the need for the government to help consumers reduce greenhouse gas emissions from the greatest source: the burning of fossil fuels.

Personally, having a grading system similar to the one used in schools is something I am familiar with and can easily create an association with. I have a hard time visualizing what 26 MPG means but I do know a B is not a bad score.

Also, as consumers, we want to make the best choices, especially when they are made easy for us. I welcome this proposed change (even though I am in Canada) because it will help to raise the bar for manufacturers to work harder at eliminating D rated vehicles from our roads. I say let’s go one step further and make this information available for used vehicles as well.

The EPA is awaiting your opinion on this topic over the next 60 days at the EPA site.

What do you think about this new proposed system? Will it help you make a better decision when buying a new vehicle?

Article first published as “Proposed Change to New Car Fuel Economy Labels” on http://technorati.com/lifestyle/autos/article/proposed-change-to-new-car-fuel/ Technorati.com."MPG/ Emissions Scale"

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