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Synthetic Oil – Royal Purple

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Royal Purple Oil Filter

Most car enthusiasts are familiar with brands that are not the "typical" off the shelf product.  It just seems that there are certain products that are not meant for the mainstream consumer but those of us who are passionate about cars and their performance will know about them.  An example of a not so typical product is the line of automotive oils produced by Royal Purple (RP).  In recent years, RP is showing up on more automotive retail shelves but in my opinion its still regarded as a performance enthusiasts oil.   However, to address this perception RP has a line of API licensed motor oils geared to the consumer market.  These would be the types of oils that a fast lube could potentially carry.   To the consumer, these oils would have an advantage over conventional oils by providing better engine protection, longevity and potentially improved fuel economy.  RP has also begun to offer a line of extended drain interval filters to compliment this line of oils.  I don't foresee consumers asking for these products on their own but it is a worthwhile oil to take a look at carrying.

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