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Unconventional Ways to Improve Fuel Economy (Part 1)

So you’ve heard about all the conventional ways to improve fuel economy for your car ranging from keeping tires inflated to removing roof racks. So what are the not so conventional ways of improving fuel economy for your fossil fuelled vehicle? Eliminate dust, dirt and grime.

These elements work against your vehicle by reducing the efficiency of the engine. Take for example an engine that is covered in a layer of dust. This dust will impede the engines ability to displace heat and result in the engine having to work harder to try and keep cool. Removing this layer of dust by wiping plastic components with a cloth and mild soap and water solution can help the engine eliminate heat quicker.

Dust, dirt and grime on the exterior of a vehicle can reduce its ability to dissipate heat and in turn cause the vehicle to work harder to keep cool. Also, depending on the amount of dirt on a vehicle this could impact its aerodynamic capability (layers of mud after off roading).

Overall, the presence of dust, dirt and grime on an engine and vehicle exterior will not remove heat as quickly as a clean vehicle. This in turn causes the vehicle to work harder and consume more fuel and potentially wear down the engine oil quicker. So now you have another reason to wash your car – to save fuel!

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