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Unconventional Ways To Improve Fuel Economy (Part 3)

When it comes to improving fuel economy we can now begin to look at some of the main fluids of the engine. Radiator coolant is designed to circulate through the engine to remove and dissipate heat. The removal of heat is what allows the engine to not consistently over heat.

Unless otherwise specified in the owners manual the coolant on most vehicles is changed every 2 years or 30000 miles/48000 km. As coolant ages it loses it’s ability to remove heat thus allowing temperatures in the engine to creek up. Simply flushing the cooling system and ensuring all mechanical/electrical components of the cooling system are functioning are a good step towards better fuel economy.

To aid the engine in running cooler there are additives on the market that can be added directly to the radiator. These additives improve the surface tension of the radiator fluid thus improving its ability to remove heat. An engine that runs cooler at operating temperature will improve it’s efficiency and help to improve fuel economy. These additives are readily available through automotive stores and service bays. So keep your engine running cool to enjoy some fuel savings.

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