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VW Jetta Maintenance Light Reset

Here is a video showing how to reset the maintenance light on 2005-2010 Jetta’s after the oil change.  The instructions are also available on the home page of OilReset.

3 thoughts on “VW Jetta Maintenance Light Reset”

  1. Hello. Can you please help me. Does this maintance oil service means i have to change the engine oil? I did it 4000 km ago. Can this sighn also mean to change the transmision oil? How should i know that i havve to change the transmision oil urgent? Is there such alert signal for it? Thank you for your help.

    1. Hi Kyrrylo,

      The oil service light is pre-determined to come on at certain intervals depending on the model of vehicle you have. If the light was not reset when the oil change was performed then it is very possible the light could come any time after the oil change was performed. The transmission oil (manual/automatic) will need to be changed based on the manufacturer recommendation. Can you provide more information on the vehicle you own (year, make, model and engine?)



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