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2013 Mazda6 Maintenance Light Reset Instructions

2013 Mazda6
2013 Mazda6

The 2013 Mazda6 maintenance light comes on when the vehicle is due or past due for an oil change service.  The service interval can be programmed or turned off all together in the maintenance reset menu.  After performing an oil change, follow these instructions to reset the maintenance light:

1. Turn the ignition to run (do not start the engine).
2. Press the UP or DOWN part of the INFO switch to highlight the SETTINGS menu and press the INFO button to confirm.
3. Scroll to MAINTENANCE and press the INFO button to confirm.
4. Scroll to the item that needs to be reset (SCHEDULED, TIRE ROTATION, TIRE PRESSURE) and confirm with the INFO button.
5. Scroll to SET TIME or SET DISTANCE and confirm with the INFO button.
6. Turn the ignition off and then start the engine to verify the indicator has been reset.

2013 Mazda6 Maintenance Light Reset Instructions
2013 Mazda6 Maintenance Light Reset Instructions

Filter Specification

The oil change on this vehicle is fairly straightforward with the oil pan and oil filter fairly accessible. The following Wix filters are used on this vehicle:

Filter TypePart # (2.5L)Part # (3.7L)
Oil Filter5134851516
Air Filter4911446935
Cabin Filter2414824148
*Verify Before Servicing Vehicle

Oil Specification

The oil specs for this vehicle have been taken directly from the owner’s manual. More details around oil, torque, tires, and specifications can be referenced in the owner’s manual.

EngineOil TypeQuantity w/Oil Filter
2.5LILSAC GF-5 SAE 0W20 Full Synthetic5.0L( 5.3 US qt. 4.4I mp qt)
3.7LILSAC SAE 5W205.2L (5.5 US qt. 4.6I mp qt)
*Verify Before Servicing Vehicle

Cabin Filter Replacement

Follow these instructions to replace the air conditioning/cabin filter once a year:

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