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Neat App for Fast Lube Customers

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Image of myBeepBeep app

We are in the age of the smart phone.  This device has become ubiquitous and is a tool for consumers to find information - instantly.  There is a great app that has been created to connect consumers to fast lubes - myBeepBeep.  The thought behind this application is to give consumers a visual of where fast uses are located relative to where they are (based on smart phone enabled GPS or manual coordinates) as well as what the price of an oil change is and if the facility is offering any specials.  The app also has the ability for the consumer to setup reminders of when their oil change services are due.  For the consumer, this app provides instant access to fast lube location prices, deals and gives them the ability to track when their next service is due.

For the fast lube industry their is a great opportunity to capitalize on users of the application by providing information for your specific location even if it falls under a larger franchise network.  This is important because it will give you the ability to leverage your brand but also show consumers their is a "face" to the facility.

Overall, I think this appshould be part of an overall social media strategy to capture the tech savvy consumer.  Here is a link to their website for further information: http://mybeepbeep.com.


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