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April 2012

Customer Satisfaction Survey – Customer Service Insights

For the most part, many retailers are participating in some sort of customer feedback program.  This can range from a dedicated website for a customer to answer questions related to their purchase to a suggestion box on the checkout counter at a fast lube.  Although the range of soliciting customer feedback is wide; it’s very […]

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No Oil Changes for i-MiEV

Mitsubishi Innovative Electric Vehicle (i-MiEV) made its North American debut in late 2011.  This electrically operated vehicle boasts a driving range of 155km on a full charge and uses no fuel or engine oil.  Yes, no engine oil.  If this is the future trend of vehicles then this means there will be no need for

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Benefits of Oil Analysis

When performing an oil change, I often take note of the colour/smell of the oil being drained.  Paying attention to these two attributes helps me understand what is happening to the engine.  With todays modern engines and their tighter tolerances its becoming more and more important to get a better understanding of the impact of

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