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What Amsoil Motor Oil to Use?

The name Amsoil is synonymous with being a premium synthetic oil and a leader in its category.  They have progressed from one line of motor oils to a number of different grades and applications in almost all automotive fluid systems.  I thought I would spend some time discussing how to select the Amsoil motor oil for your vehicle or your customers.

The first key thing to do is to look in the owners manual (or oil cap) for the grade of motor oil recommend (0W20, 10W30…).  After you have determined the grade of oil then you will need to determine the severe service recommendation for replacing the motor oil.  It’s important to determine the severe service recommendation because this will cover conditions that most of us experience when driving: stop and go, excessive idling, dusty climates and short trips.  These severe driving conditions put more strain on the oil and engine resulting in faster degradation of the oils properties thus requiring more frequent oil and filter changes.  Let’s assume the severe service for your vehicle is every 3 months or 3000 miles/5000 kilometres and the recommended oil is 5W30.

The grade of Amsoil you select should meet the requirements of your manufacturer.  Meaning, you should use the Amsoil labelled with 5W30.  It can get a bit confusing because Amsoil has as of this posting 3 different lines of 5W30 (OE, XL and Signature Series).  The OE line of products is for vehicle owners who want to use a synthetic oil that can last the duration of the manufacturers recommended service (in this case, 3000 miles/5000 kilometres).  The XL line is aimed at the consumer who wants to extend their drain intervals beyond the manufacturers recommendation up to 6 months or 10000 miles.  The Signature Series is aimed at the consumer who wants to do one oil change every 12 months or up to 25 000 miles.

There are 3 distinct choices Amsoil gives the consumer and its up to the owner and the shop to determine which one meets the needs of the vehicle and the budget of the customer.  The  key to extended drain intervals is the oil filter may need to be changed more frequently or an extended drain interval oil filter will need to be used.  Whichever line of oil you choose to use, just remember to look at the owners manual first for the manufacturers recommendation.

Lastly, you may want to signup for the Amsoil Garage which can help you track when oil changes are due and what type of oil to use in the specific vehicle; take a look at this link.  http://www.amsoil.com/whymygarage.aspx

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