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The Case for Digital Menu Boards

Digital Menu Board Image Courtesy of Bosch

The digital menu board is no new concept in the restaurant industry but it is in the automotive repair sector.  A digital menu board is an electronic screen that can display static or dynamic images about your products and prices.  The automotive repair sector as a whole is starting to take notice of the power of these signs as a tool to capture the customers attention while they are waiting.  Typically, a customer waits in the customer area while their vehicle is being serviced and they may browse the magazines or find other ways to occupy their time.  The digital menu board gives them “eye candy” to look at that is directly related to the location.  The screen could feature a new product, promotion or even be as simple as mention this ad and receive $5 off.

There are a number of companies that offer digital solutions but for independent and smaller franchises there is an opportunity to work with existing vendors to see if they offer “free” menu boards.  Essentially the vendor will provide the menu board along with content promoting their product and you can display your prices/services.   It’s worth having a discussion with your oil or filter provider to see how they can help you.

The other alternative is to invest in your own system where you own the content and are responsible for updating the information.  I would have to recommend this for the savvy operator who has a strategic marketing plan.  Depending on how disciplined you are, you could end up with old content circulating on the board for months or even years!  The idea is to keep the content fresh and attractive to your customers.

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