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Slamming the Door

I recently came across an article in the Globe & Mail discussing car etiquette.  The article, stirred up some emotions around etiquette that most of us car folks treat as common sense and leave us baffled when not adhered to.  I am going to discuss some car etiquette that was not discussed in the article.  Today, I will spend my time discussing door slamming.

The very thought of this, makes me grind my teeth.  I have kindly offered my vehicle as a means of transport which you appreciate and thank me for in advance.  Upon entering my vehicle, you sit down and with all your might “slam” the door closed shaking the vehicle and all its contents (including me).  Why?

This is an expensive automobile you’ve just gotten into and as a result the doors and components in the door as so well engineered that a simple pull with one finger will close the door.  How would you like it if I came to your house and slammed the front door sending a earthquake like vibration through your house?   Be aware, that an automobile is not just a material item that can be treated as a mule to transport one from point A to B.  As a car aficionado, I show my respect getting into anyone’s car by closing the door with a gentle pull.  That’s it.  Door closed.

I’m not sure when it is appropriate to deliver this message to drivers or passengers – is it when driving instruction begins?  Maybe it needs to happen when we’re old enough to get into a car by ourselves.  Not sure what the right answer is here but I do know that closing a door properly will take practice.  Try it your self, do you pull a door shut or allow the weight of the door to close its self when encouraged to close?  The latter is what you are aiming for.

Closing a door properly may result in you actually garnering some respect from a car aficionado like myself and maybe a second ride!



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