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February 2013

Driving Shoes

Although not oil resistant, wouldn’t a quick lube staff decked out in these shoes be pretty cool?  I’m sure you’ve seen these shoes on a race car pit crew if you’re looking that closely.  These shoes are from a company called Piloti which design and manufacturer shoes for racing. The neat thing about these shoes […]

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2013 Toyota Camry “MAINT REQ’D” Reset & Service Specifications

After performing an oil change the MAINT REQD light can be reset by doing the following: 1. Press the “”ENGINE START STOP”” switch once (do not start the engine) or turn ignition key to run (one position before starting the engine). 2. Ensure Trip Metre A reading is shown. Turn the ignition off. 3. Press

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Web Presence

I use my smart phone, laptop, tablet  and desktop on a daily basis.  All 4 devices have become a part of how I interact with the world on a daily basis.  Each device has its own purpose for me but one thing all 4 devices share in common is the internet.  I use all these

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