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Consumers Keeping Vehicles Longer

Consumers are keeping their vehicles longer and for an average of 8.5 years.  This is a clear indication of the economic turbulence of the past few years but this is also an indication of the longevity of the modern gasoline engine.  I just finished reading an article on the Quaker State 400 000KM cash back program on http://autoserviceworld.com.  In essence, for following the manufacturers recommendations and strictly using QS synthetic motor oil a consumer can be awarded up to $3000 for hitting the 400K milestone.  It’s very clear that QS recognizes that consumers are keeping vehicles for a longer period of time.  QS

Even more importantly, there is a great opportunity for fast lubes to seize the opportunity to educate consumers on the benefits of following manufacturer recommended service intervals coupled with a high quality motor oil such as a synthetic.  The consumer will benefit with an engine that will continue to perform and the shop will benefit with a higher ticket average with each visit.

It is fair to say that the trend of keeping vehicles longer is no longer an option but a necessity and consumers will more than likely be more diligent with their basic maintenance.  Is your shop ready to help consumers maintain their vehicles longer?

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